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    General Rules and Guidelines

    ✶ This thread covers the general rules of GASR- rules which apply to all sections of the GASR forum.
    However, this is not the entirety of the rules. We also have more specific rules for each section of the forum.
    So before posting, make sure you read those rules as well.

    They are posted in separate threads in the rule section of the forum here [link].



    Hello and welcome to the Graphic Arts Services and Requests forum!
    If you are from IMVU then you probably have an idea how the forum works.
    If not, please familiarize yourself with our GASR 101 Forum Basics Thread.

    This forum does have slightly different rules than IMVU's forums.
    I would also like to mention we are not affiliated with the IMVU website and its forums.
    As such IMVU has no authority over this forum and its rules.
    In turn the GASRforum.com cannot do anything about theft posted on IMVU or any such problems with that website.


    Click on the text to be taken to that part of the rules

    .........✶ [ Post 2 ] Forum Etiquette - how it is expected you should behave on our forums
    .........✶ [ Post 3 ] Image Restrictions - the type of images you cannot post on the forum
    .........✶ [ Post 4 ] Posting Restrictions - other restrictions about posting
    .........✶ [ Post 5 ] Art Theft
    .........✶ [ Post 6 ] Services that are not allowed to be sold on GASR
    .........✶ [ Post 7 ] Alternative Accounts
    .........✶ [ Post 8 ] "Copying" - things which we cannot hand out warnings for since nobody owns the "rights" to them
    .........✶ [ Post 9 ] AP vs. GA
    .........✶[ Post 10 ] Deleting Your Account
    .........✶[ Post 11 ] Signatures
    .........✶[ Post 12 ] How Warnings and Warning Bar System Works
    .........✶[ Post 13 ] Getting Your Bars Back


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